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Sketty Isaf was once part of the Bible College of Wales in Swansea, which was founded by Rees Howells in 1924. It was the third property he purchased, over eighty years ago and it has been home for many, housing the children of missionaries,  students and members of staff.


A housing developer is now in the process of buying the site, which is a bit smaller than the main side Derwen Fawr, and to build a housing estate in the grounds.


The aim of this website is to encourage prayer for the restoration of this very special place.  Derwen Fawr was bought by Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore, in December 2012, and has just been reopened, but many have been praying that this side of the Bible College will be saved too.  




Redemption and Restoration of All Our Inheritance

Rees Howells was inspired to buy Sketty Isaf after reading about the life of Dr Whitfield Guinness of the China Inland Mission, and how no-one had offered his children a home during the School holidays.  The Lord used this to bring home to Rees Howells the need for a home for missionaries’ children and he determined to provide a home for every child who could not be taken out on the field with their parents.


Without money or an influential supporting committee, he undertook the huge step to purchase a third estate, with his faith fixed unshakeably on God's provision for the finance, and Sketty Isaf was purchased for £3,000. Only in a falling market, in days of depression could such a house and grounds be bought for such a low price. God's timing was perfect.



Further Background

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